Harold Rhode

Dr. Harold Rhode, served for 28 years as an advisor on the Islamic world in the Office of the U.S. Secretary of Defense. He is a Fellow at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and at the Gatestone Institute in New York.

Publications by Harold Rhode

Iran and Its Response to Force – Dr. Harold Rhode

What history teaches about Iran is that it responds to force. Read More »

Islamic Terrorists Target Europe: Why Spain May Be the Epicenter for Terror Attacks

Why are the terror attacks of Muslim radicals seem to focus on the Iberian Peninsula. Read More »

Documentary: The Discovery and Rescue of Iraqi Jews’ Patrimony in Baghdad. Will It Now Be Lost?

Exclusive Interview with Dr. Harold Rhode, the Collection’s Angel. Read More »

An Existential Battle for the Demographic Future of Syria

The Syrian government, Russia, and Iran are changing the demographic makeup of Syria. Read More »

The Nature of Radical Islamic Warfare and the Western Response

What is “Islamic Warfare?”

* We in the West are in a war with Islam. It’s not a religion; it’s a civilization; it’s a culture. The religion is part of the civilization.

* The goal of Islamic warfare is to terrorize the other side, that they become afraid and run away.

Why don’t Western leaders see that?

* Because they refuse to.

* The American government … won’t even use the word “Islamic terrorism” … If you don’t identify your enemy you cannot defeat him. Read More »

How the West can Win

Why are the millions of Muslim refugees from Syria, Libya, and Yemen trying to get to Europe?

* A significant portion of refugees are young males – the high testosterone age, imbued with a spirit for making Europe into the world of Islam.

* The Muslims were stopped twice in their advancement on Europe. They got to Vienna twice (last time 1683) and they were stopped in Spain at the Pyrenees Mountains. Now the Muslims are taking the airplane around Vienna and they’re skipping Spain. It is the resumption of the Islamic attempt to Islamify Europe. Read More »

Islamic Issues in the Middle East Today

Interview with Dr. Harold Rhode Dr. Harold Rhode studied in Iran at Ferdowsi University in Mashhad in 1978 during the early and middle stages of the Islamic Revolution. In 1979, he received his Ph.D. from Columbia University in Islamic history. […] Read More »

Whither Turkey? Its leadership, role in the Middle East, and ties with Israel.

Dr. Harold Rhode, retired U.S. Defense Department head of the Turkish desk, discusses President Erdogan’s ties with Russia, Europe, the United Sates, and Israel. Interviewed by Lenny Ben-David, Director of Publications. Question: How do you explain the significant political change […] Read More »

Who Will Win the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Arab Street: Turkey or Iran?

Shiite Iran is appealing to the Arab Sunni street by trying to co-opt the agenda of the Sunni masses – the existence of Israel and the sanctity of Jerusalem – neither of which are traditional Shiite issues. In doing so, Iran seeks to undermine the existing Arab Sunni regimes by going over the heads of their leaders. That is why almost all of the regimes in the region hate the Iranian regime more than they hate Israel. Read More »

The Sources of Iranian Negotiating Behavior

This analysis identifies patterns exhibited by the Iranian government and the Iranian
people since ancient times. Most importantly, Read More »

Turkey: Between Atatürk’s Secularism and Fundamentalist Islam

Today there is an internal battle among Turkish Muslims between forces that want to be part of the Western world and those that want to return Turkey’s political identity to be based primarily on Islamic solidarity. But it isn’t Ottoman Islam that these Islamist Turks seek to revive. Their Islam is more in tune with the fanatically anti-Western principles of Saudi Wahhabi Islam. Read More »

The Sources of Iranian Negotiating Behavior

This analysis identifies critical elements of Iranian culture that have been systematically ignored by policymakers for decades. Read More »