Eytan Bentsur

Eytan Bentsur is a former Director General of the Foreign Ministry and is the author of Making Peace . Today he is a special advisor to the American company Patco.

Publications by Eytan Bentsur

Referral of Iranian President Ahmadinejad on the Charge of Incitement to Commit Genocide

Now is the time to avert bloodshed: Ahmadinejad’s incitement deserves an indictment. Read More »

The Way to Peace Emerged at Madrid: A Decade Since the 1991 Madrid Conference

The October 1991 Madrid Peace Conference represented a breakthrough in relations between the State of Israel and the Arab world. For the first time, Israel engaged in direct, face-to-face negotiations with all its immediate neighbors, and not just with Egypt, with whom Israel had signed a peace treaty in 1979. These talks were between the political leaders of the region, unlike the armistice discussions that Israel undertook in the late 1940s and 1950s. Read More »