Emmanuel Navon

Dr. Emmanuel Navon is a professor, consultant and public speaker specializing in foreign affairs. He is also an Executive Board Member of the Knesset Forum on International Relations, an Advisory Board Member of EMET (a pro-Israel Washington think tank), a Senior Fellow at Bar-Ilan University’s Center for International Communication, and a Senior Consultant for Halevy-Dweck. He was previously a research fellow at the Institute for Policy and Strategy (IDC Herzliyah) and at the Shalem Center.

Publications by Emmanuel Navon


This essay demonstrates the factual shortcomings and ideological bias of political theories that attempt to delegitimize nationalism in general and Jewish nationalism in particular.
Although nationalism does not need to be militaristic, romantic or fascist, it is generally vilified as such by prominent scholars, who try to show that nationalism is both an artificial and dangerous ideology and thus an illegitimate phenomenon.
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