Dr. Yosef Govrin

Dr. Yosef Govrin joined Israel’s Foreign Ministry in 1953 and served as director of the East European Department and deputy director-general of the Ministry, ambassador to Romania, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, and to the United Nations Organizations in Vienna. Since 1996 he has been a Research Fellow at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Publications by Dr. Yosef Govrin

Africa and Israel, A Unique case of Radical Changes in Foreign Policy, by Arye Oded

Africa Ve’Israel, Yehudiut Vetahapuhot Be’Yehase Hutz shel Israel [Africa and Israel, A Unique case of Radical Changes in Foreign Policy], by Arye Oded, Magnes Press, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2011, (in Hebrew). Reviewed by Yosef Govrin In his new work, […] Read More »

Annals of Israeli-Albanian Contacts on Establishing Diplomatic Relations

Albania, under its Communist regime, granted Israel formal recognition shortly after Israel declared its independence in 1948. This act coincided with the policy of all the East European Communist countries toward Israel. Yet, unlike them, Albania declined to establish diplomatic, commercial, and cultural relations between the two countries. After the Six Day War, Israel gave up its endeavors in this respect, since all the Communist countries – with the exception of Romania – now broke off. thei Read More »

Anti-Semitic Trends In Post-Communist Eastern European States – An Overview

This essay outlines the main factors characterizing the anti-Semitic movements and manifestations in the former Soviet Union (FSU) republics and Eastern European countries in the post-communist era, following the democratization and liberalization process taking place in these areas since the early 1990s. Read More »