Dr. Nathan Katz

Nathan Katz is professor of religious studies at Florida International University, Miami.

Publications by Dr. Nathan Katz

The Jews, Israel, and India

The Cochin Jewish community is the oldest east of Iran. Most members now live in Israel, with only a few families remaining in Cochin. India’s main present Jewish community is in Bombay, nowadays Mumbai. This Bnei Israel community is slowly growing in numbers. Read More »

The Sephardi Diaspora in Cochin, India

The influx of Sephardim into the ancient Jewish community of Cochin, in south India, resulted in a pattern of social organization unique in the Jewish world: the infamous white Jew/black Jew/brown Jew system. The Jews of Cochin organized themselves in patterns derived from their Hindu social context, a system known in the West as the caste system. Read More »

A Meeting of Ancient Peoples: The Jews and the Dalai Lama of Tibet

The Last Jews in India and Burma

One Shabbat in July 1987, for the first time since the synagogue was built 419 years ago, there was no minyan in the fabled Paradesi Synagogue of Cochin. Since the beginning of 1987, the population of Jew Town, once about 300, has diminished from 33 to 29 due to immigration to Israel. Similar forlorn scenarios are being repeated throughout India. Read More »