Dr. Nathan Durst

Dr. Nathan Durst was born in Berlin and came to the Netherlands in 1939 (Deceased). He had a doctorate in clinical psychology from Groningen University. He came to Israel in 1971 and worked as chief psychologist in a psychiatric hospital for 15 years. He is a past chairman of the Israeli Psychotherapeutic Association and teaches at Tel Aviv University. He was co-founder of AMCHA (Israeli Center for Holocaust Survivors and the Second Generation) and worked as its clinical director. He lectured in Israel, the United States and in Europe – mostly in Germany – about trauma and the Shoah.

Publications by Dr. Nathan Durst

Emotional Wounds that Never Heal

This essay discusses the discriminatory content of the Compensation Laws (Wiedergutmachung) for Holocaust Survivors in West Germany. It explains how this was based partly on the lack of knowledge of the long-term after effects of psychic trauma, but even more so because of the unwillingness of German physicians to understand and accept the harm the Holocaust inflicted upon the survivors. Read More »