Dr. Joel Kotek

Dr. Joël Kotek was born in Gent in 1958. He studied history at the Free University of Brussels, and at Oxford University. He has a doctorate in Political Science from the Institute for Political Studies (Sciences Po) in Paris. Kotek teaches Political Science at the Free University of Brussels, specializing in the subject of European Integration. He is also director of Training at the Center for Contemporary Jewish Documentation in Paris.

Publications by Dr. Joel Kotek

Anti-Zionism in Belgium – The Country’s Civil Religion that Reflects the New Anti-Semitism

Anti-Zionism has become a civil religion in Belgium. Its credo is that the Palestinians are always right and the Israelis are always wrong. Classic anti-Semitism in Belgium is manifest, but probably in decline. Yet an unprecedented outburst of anti-Semitic acts is taking place due to violence by youngsters mostly of North African origin. Read More »

Major Anti-Semitic Motifs in Arab Cartoons

Palestinian cartoonists often place emphasis on the anti-Semitic accusation of "ritual murder" of children. This is underscored by their claim that Israelis target Palestinian children. To dehumanize Jews, Arab cartoonists often depict them as malevolent creatures: spiders, vampires or octopuses. Read More »