Dr. Ephraim Sneh

Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Ephraim Sneh served as Israel's deputy minister of defense. He is currently the chairman of S. Daniel Abraham Center for Strategic Dialogue at the Netanya Academic College.

Publications by Dr. Ephraim Sneh

The Implications of a Nuclear Iran

Tehran pays 100 percent of the Islamic Jihad budget and gives a bonus for every Israeli murdered. In addition, through Hizbullah Iran pays the Al Aqsa Brigade, which belongs to Fatah in name only. Iran imports 40 percent of its consumption of refined oil products. An embargo on gasoline could create a very serious problem for the regime. In addition, Iran is dependent on the flow of money and credit from Europe, which could be severed. Read More »

Iran after the Iraq War

Iran presents the most dangerous existential threat today to Israel as a Jewish state and it is also a threat to the Israel-Arab peace process. There is a very serious Iranian effort to develop a nuclear bomb, and the Russians have played a very significant role here. Without the transfer of nuclear technologies from Russia, Iran could not maintain its current pace of progress in the development of nuclear weapons. Tehran often emerges as the source of funding behind terrorist attacks in Israel. Read More »