Dr. Eliav Taub

Dr. Eliav Taub is a member of the Department of Political Science at Ashkelon Academic College and a lecturer in the Combined Social Science Department at Bar-Ilan University. His research focuses on the status of various social groups including new immigrants and Haredim.

Publications by Dr. Eliav Taub

The Opening of the Haredi Educational System to the Secular and Its Transformation from a Peripheral Factor to a Central Factor in Israeli Society

This article analyzes the metamorphosis that occurred within Haredi education, transforming it from a single stream, limited both in scope and its affinity to the state, into two dominant streams that seek to influence the Israeli state and society. Within this framework the long march that the veteran Independent educational stream has made will be presented. From a policy of selectivity and "isolation" in the admission of Ashkenazi Haredim during the 1950s, it moved initially toward Read More »