Dr. Colin Rubenstein

Dr. Colin Rubenstein is executive director of the Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC). Previously he taught Middle Eastern politics at Melbourne's Monash University for many years.

Publications by Dr. Colin Rubenstein

A Distant Affinity: The History of Australian-Israeli Relations

Australian-Israeli relations have been almost consistently warm and robust since before Israeli independence. Neither geopolitics, common political and economic interests, historical accidents, nor the role of Australia’s Jewish community can fully explain the importance Australia and Israel have had to one another over decades. Only by including certain affinities of national personalities and values can the ongoing vigor of the relationship be fully explained. Read More »

Indonesia And Israel: A Relationship In Waiting

Indonesia has faced much the same obstructions in developing its nascent relationship with Israel as have all the other Muslim-majority nations of Asia. While not inherently antithetical to Israel, Indonesia clearly places a higher value on avoiding trouble with radical Islamist elements at home than it does on normalizing relations with far-away Israel. Read More »

The Role of Islam in Contemporary South East Asian Politics

The political influence of Islam is increasing in South East Asia. While the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Communist bloc have contributed to the decline of communism as a revolutionary political force in the region, religious and ethnic issues are now assuming renewed and increasing significance. Read More »

Political Extremism in Asia – The Iranian Threat