Dan V. Segre

Dan V. Segre served in the British army in World War II and in the Israeli army as a paratroop officer during the 1948 War of Independence. After a period with the Israeli Foreign Ministry, he became Professor of International Relations and Professor of Zionism at Haifa University untill 1986. Concurrently, he was Israel correspondent for Le Figaro and Corriere delle Sera. He is currently Director of the Institute for Mediterranean Studies at the University of Lugano, Switzerland.

Publications by Dan V. Segre

The Roles of the Jews in Italian Society

Most Italians think there are many times more Jews in Italy than the thirty-one thousand paying members of the Italian community. Native Italian Jews probably number no more than fifteen thousand. There are sizable communities of Libyan (mainly in Rome) and Lebanese and Iranian origin (mainly in Milan). The false perception of a large number of Jews in Italy results from the fact that several Jews have indeed played key roles in Italian society over the past century and a half. Read More »

The Pope’s Millennium Visit to Israel

In the 1950s, the French Catholic academician, playwright, and former Ambassador to the U.S., Paul Claudel, asked the cultural attachי of the Israeli Embassy in Paris to convey the following message to Martin Buber: Now that the Jews had recovered their sovereignty, would they consider granting citizenship to Jesus, thereby putting an end to his "statelessness" status both for Judaism and Christianity? Read More »