Col. Richard Kemp

Col. Richard Kemp is former Commander of British Forces in Afghanistan.

Publications by Col. Richard Kemp

Israel as a Strategic Asset of the West

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Were there military motives behind the Balfour Declaration?

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Israel as a Strategic Asset to Britain

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Killing Americans and their Allies: Iran’s Continuing War against the United States and the West

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Will an IDF Withdrawal from the West Bank Mean a Safe Haven for Extremist Groups?

Israel has had more than a flavor of what it can mean to leave hostile groups in control of lands adjacent to its own borders in southern Lebanon and in Gaza. Any similar move to totally cede control to the Palestinians of the West Bank or a part of Jerusalem would carry immense risk. Read More »

International Law and Military Operations in Practice

I will examine the practicalities, challenges and difficulties faced by military forces in trying to fight within the provisions of international law against an enemy that deliberately and consistently flouts international law. Read More »