Col. (Res.) Danny Tirza

Col. (Res.) Dr. Danny Tirza was, from 1994 to 2007, in charge of regional strategic planning and the formulation of Israel's security positions in negotiations with the Palestinians in the IDF Central Command, and served as the IDF's chief architect for the Security Fence. He has taken part in formulating Israel's security positions in negotiations with the Palestinians. Col. Tirza specializes in the geography of Judea and Samaria, the Jordan Valley, and Jerusalem.

Publications by Col. (Res.) Danny Tirza

The Effects of BDS and Denormalization on West Bank Industrial Zones

When Mahmoud Abbas, Chairman of the Palestinian Authority, understood that blatant terror and military warfare against Israel damage the Palestinian cause in the eyes of the world, he decided to shift to “political resistance.” Using this term allowed him to […] Read More »

The Influence of Christian Interests in Setting the Route of the Security Fence in Jerusalem

In March 2002, at the height of a terror campaign in which 1,804 Israelis were killed in Palestinian suicide bombings, the government of Israel decided to take a defensive measure to block terrorists from reaching Israeli population centers by establishing a physical obstacle. Even Israel’s worst enemies confessed that the security fence saved Israeli lives. In building the fence, great efforts were invested and solutions were provided to meet the unique needs of the Christian churches. Read More »

The Strategic Logic of Israel’s Security Barrier

The main reason for the delay in building the security fence was because the line of the fence was a major issue of political debate inside Israel. The government didn’t want to build it, out of concern that any line on the ground would have a political meaning in future negotiations. In all government decisions it was emphasized that the line the army was building was only a security line and it would not be the line for future negotiations. Read More »