Chuck Freilich

Dr. Chuck Freilich, formerly Israeli Deputy National Security Adviser, is now a Senior Fellow at the Belfer Center at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government.

Publications by Chuck Freilich

Hizballah in Lebanon: The War Was Not Supposed to End This Way

Israel is not better off strategically than it was at the beginning of the war; this in itself is a Hizballah victory. Israel must prepare to win the next round decisively. The IDF knew that Hizballah could not be defeated without a major ground operation: its plan did not fail – it was never implemented. Read More »

Dilemmas of Israeli Policy After the Hamas Victory: From Disengagement to Consolidation?

Hamas’ rise is likely to set back the "peace process" for years. Why should Hamas moderate in office, when its ideology is its raison d’etre? The Taliban, Iranian, Saddam and Assad regimes did not; neither did Arafat.
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