Chaim I. Waxman

Professor Chaim I. Waxman is Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Jewish Studies at Rutgers University. He received his masters and doctorate in Sociology from The New School for Social Research in New York City, and he holds a masters degree in Jewish Studies from Yeshiva University. He specializes in the sociology of religion and the sociology of ethnicity with special focus on American Jews, Jews in Israel, and global Jewish identity and identification. He served as President of the Association for the Sociological Study of Jewry, is a member of numerous scientific associations, and is an editorial board member for a number of academic journals. At the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute he is on the editorial boards of the "Identities" book series, as well as the new Identities: Journal for Jewish Culture & Identity.

Publications by Chaim I. Waxman

Chaim I. Waxman on Still Jewish: A History of Women and Intermarriage in America

Women Who Marry Out
Still Jewish: A History of Women and Intermarriage in America, by Keren McGinity, NYU Press, 2009, 256 pp.
Review by Chaim I. Waxman Read More »

Chaim I. Waxman on The Price of Whiteness: Jews, Race, and American Identity

Race, Ethnicity, and Religion in American Jewish Identity
The Price of Whiteness: Jews, Race, and American Identity, by Eric L. Goldstein, Princeton University Press, 2006, 307 pp.
Reviewed by Chaim I. Waxman Read More »

Winners and Losers in Denominational Memberships in the United States

Although dominant in the mid-twentieth century, Conservative Judaism has lost this place and is declining in numbers. Over the past decade, Reform Judaism has become the largest denomination. Despite Reform’s more "traditionalist" manifestations than in the past, the rift between it and the traditional Jewish community remains wide. Read More »

The Haredization of American Orthodox Jewry