Amnon Lord

Amnon Lord is a veteran Israeli columnist at the Hebrew weekly, Makor Rishon, and editor of the website, Mida. He is the author of several books on contemporary Israeli history and society.

Publications by Amnon Lord

The Etrog: The Media, the Courts and Prime Minister Sharon during the Disengagement

The protection and favor that the media and the courts extended to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon from the moment that he announced the disengagement plan. Read More »

Intelligence Failure or Paralysis?

There was no shortage of intelligence, nor was there a lack of intelligence alerts about the Yom Kippur War. The reasons for the famous mechdal (Israel’s lack of preparedness for the war) should be judged in the context of the 1973 conditions and not according to “what if…” questions. Read More »

Who Killed Muhammad Al-Dura? Blood Libel – Model 2000

The story of the death of the child Muhammad Al-Dura — who, according to reports from world and local media, was shot and killed by IDF soldiers at Netzarim junction — became the symbol of the intifada: the Palestinian martyr whose blood must be avenged by the Muslim and enlightened world. His death turned into a blood libel accompanying the terror and violence, and it became the altar upon which the good name of the people and the State of Israel was sacrificed during the last two years. Read More »