Alan Dowty

Alan Dowty is Professor of Political Science Emeritus, at the University of Notre Dame. He was formerly Kahanoff Chair Professor of Israel Studies at the University of Calgary, 2003-2006, and President of the Association for Israel Studies, 2005-2007.

Publications by Alan Dowty

Jewish Political Traditions and Contemporary Israeli Politics

The central puzzle of Israeli politics is how democracy has been maintained at all, given the lack of democracy in countries origin, the deep internal divisions, and the permanent state of war. At least part of the answer lies in understanding Jewish political traditions. The Zionist movement was, in large degree, a revolt against Jewish history. But inevitably Zionists were influenced by an extensive Jewish experience of self-government in the East European shtetl. This experience involved political institutions that were
voluntary, inclusive, pluralistic, and contentious. It was also a closed system, facing a hostile external world and not equipped to deal with non-Jews as a group.
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