A selection of books and eBooks by Jerusalem Center experts.

Diplomatic Dispatch by Amb. Dore Gold

Dore Gold

Video series produced for the Jerusalem Center's Institute for Contemporary Affairs, founded jointly with the Wechsler Family Foundation. Read More »

eBook Library

Major studies by leading Jerusalem Center experts in eBook format. Read More »

Jerusalem Issue Briefs

Presentations by top-level political and military experts for the diplomatic corps and the foreign press, published through the Institute for Contemporary Affairs. Read More »

Daily Alert

Daily Alert is the work of a team of expert analysts who find the most important and timely articles from around the world on Israel, the Middle East and U.S. policy. Read More »

Special Reports

Comprehensive reports of issues confronting Israel and the Middle East. Read More »

Jerusalem Viewpoints

Bimonthly, in-depth reports and analysis on changing events in Israel, the Middle East, and the Jewish world. Read More »

Dore Gold Articles

Dore Gold

Articles by Jerusalem Center President Dr. Dore Gold. Dr. Gold was the eleventh Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations (1997-1999). Read More »

Jewish Political Studies Review

The Jewish Political Studies Review is dedicated to the study of Jewish political institutions, Jewish political thought, and public affairs. Read More »

Jerusalem Studies

Reports, analyses and discussion of the challenges facing Jerusalem. Read More »

Post-Holocaust and Anti-Semitism

The Post-Holocaust and Anti-Semitism publication, initiated and directed by Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld, includes conferences, research, lectures, interviews, and essays in English and French. Read More »

The Daniel Elazar On-Line Library

The writings of Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs founder, Daniel Elazar. The Daniel Elazar On-Line Library offers full-text versions of many of his writings, as a lasting memorial to the ideas he pioneered. Read More »

Jewish Environmental Studies

A sampling of materials from Jewish environmental studies: Judaism and environmental issues. Jewish environmental history, Jewish environmental law, the environment in the Hebrew Bible. Read More »

Changing Jewish Communities

Investigating recent developments in Jewish communities worldwide. Read More »

Israel at War: Primary Sources

Israeli paratroopers stand in front of the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Perspectives on Israel at war - from the War of Independence to the Gaza War of 2012 - from those writing at the time, the primary sources of history. Read More »

Special Features

Test your knowledge through Jerusalem Center quizzes; look through maps and read newspapers from the Six-Day War. Read More »

Survey of Arab Affairs

The Survey of Arab Affairs appeared between August 1985 and May 1996. Read More »

Jerusalem Letter

The Jerusalem Letter series, analyzing issues of Jewish and Israeli public policy, first appeared in December 1977. It was combined with the Jerusalem Viewpoints series beginning in February 1992. Read More »