Anti-Semitism in Canada

Imam Tarek Ramadan

Lt. Col. (ret.) Jonathan D. Halevi is a senior researcher of the Middle East and radical Islam at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. Read More »

Defensible Borders for Israel

Defensible Borders for Israel is a major security and public diplomacy initiative that analyzes current terror threats and Israel’s corresponding territorial requirements, particularly in the strategically vital West Bank that Israel must maintain to fulfill its existential security and defense […] Read More »

Combating Delegitimization and BDS

Combating Delegitimization and BDS is a major multilingual public diplomacy program exposing those forces that are questioning Israel’s very legitimacy, while carrying out initiatives to strengthen Israel’s fundamental right to security and to reinforce the connection between the Jewish people […] Read More »

Institute for Contemporary Affairs

The Institute for Contemporary Affairs (ICA) was founded by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs jointly with the Wechsler Family Foundation in 2001. The Institute provides a forum for discussion of Israel’s strategic, diplomatic, legal and national security challenges. Read More »

Jerusalem in International Diplomacy

Analyzing the legal and historic rights of Israel in Jerusalem and the security threats of the potential division of Israel's capital. Read More »

International Law

The International Law program aims to revitalize public discourse concerning Israel and the Middle East by explaining international law dimensions of current regional controversies. Read More »

Institute for Global Jewish Affairs

The Institute for Global Jewish Affairs, established in 2008, includes the Post-Holocaust and Anti-Semitism Project as well as Changing Jewish Communities. Read More »

Internships at the Jerusalem Center

The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, an organization fighting Israel's war of ideas since 1976, invites applications for its student internship program. Read More »

Human Rights and International Law in the Middle ...


The program headed by Justus Reid Weiner addresses Iranian incitement to genocide, Christians under Palestinian rule, and violations of the Law of War by terrorists. Read More »

Economic Development in Israel

The Milken Institute's Israel Center helps accelerate the nation's path toward economic independence and broad-based prosperity. Read More »


The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, is involved with organizing conferences. Within this section you will discover articles related to some of our past conferences. Read More »