Israeli Security

Israeli Security: In-Depth Reports

Israeli Intelligence Infiltrates ISIS in the Sinai

Egyptian and Israeli armies cooperate closely to thwart ISIS and Hamas threats Read More »

Violence at the Gaza Border Continues

Hamas uses the threat of violence for extortion Read More »

Israel Will Pay the Price for Tensions between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas

Abbas’ sanctions on Gaza may lead Egypt to close the Rafah crossing from Sinai to Gaza Read More »

Tensions Increase on the Gaza Border

Is Hamas again changing the rules of the game? Read More »

The U.S. Withdrawal from Syria: Implications for Israel

There are two basic approaches for understanding the implications of the U.S. withdrawal from Syria for Israel. Read More »

Why Is Hizbullah So Quiet about the Attack Tunnels?

Hizbullah is busy trying to dominate Lebanon. Read More »

Israel Security Agency’s Long Reach in the West Bank

Two Palestinian terrorists were tracked down; more terrorists sought Read More »

Operation “Northern Shield” Could Reshape the Northern Front

The tunnel discovery unveils Iran’s tactics to undermine Israeli security, UNIFIL, and Lebanon. Read More »

The Exposure of Israel’s Intelligence Collection in Gaza Actually Undermines Hamas

Hamas exposes the Israel Security Agency’s activities in Gaza Read More »

Hizbullah’s Operational Plan to Invade the Galilee through Underground Tunnels

While missiles and rockets fall on Israel, Hizbullah special forces will invade Read More »

Iran Prepares for Escalation on Israel’s Northern Border

Israeli leaders recall Israel has fought two-front wars in the past. Read More »

Bethlehem after Oslo: Terror Spiked in Israel’s Absence

The City of Peace Failed to Live Up to Its Name Read More »

Hamas Attack Tunnels Are Still a Serious Danger

Israel bombed another tunnel today (October 17, 2018) Read More »

Hamas Probes Israel’s Defenses

New attacks on Israel’s border reflect Hamas’ new aggressive strategy Read More »

To Kill Hope? In Search of a Reliable Strategy to Fight Terrorism

Terrorism is stimulated by the rational hope of terrorist leaders to achieve their objectives within a reasonably short period of time. Read More »