Resolution 242

Resolution 242: In-Depth Reports

The Palestinians’ Dubious UN Move

It is a strategy that will ultimately backfire for it will remind key players in the international community that the Palestinian Authority does not want a negotiated peace with Israel, leading the U.S. and even the EU to question why they should continue to invest in it at all. Read More »

The Settlements Issue: Distorting the Geneva Convention and the Oslo Accords

The Misleading Interpretation of UN Security Council Resolution 242

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The Palestinians Resurrect the Partition Plan

But if his U.N. speech is taken together with the language of the letter that he submitted, it is clear that Abbas aspires to a Palestinian state on the 1967 lines, without conceding his “rights” to the territories that he insists were allocated to the Palestinians under Resolution 181. Read More »

Erekat’s Deceptive Numbers Game

This September. Israel’s struggle at the U.N. is not only about Palestinian statehood, but rather about Israel’s rights not to be forced back to the pre-1967 lines, which were once enshrined by the U.N., but are now facing a full assault. Read More »

The Misleading Interpretation of Security Council Resolution 242 (1967)

Download the pdf Among the UN resolutions concerning the Middle East that are quite often mentioned and referred to is Security Council Resolution 242 (1967).1 It has even been considered the building block of peace in the Middle East.2 Unfortunately, […] Read More »

The Principles of Peacemaking

The Plight of the Refugees and Resolution 242

The Territorial Clauses of Security Council Resolution 242

Security Council Resolution 242: An Analysis of its Main Provisions

Contextualizing Resolution 242

Introduction: Correcting the Record on Resolution 242

Israel’s Right to Secure Boundaries: Four Decades Since
UN Security Resolution 242: Preface