Hamas: In-Depth Reports

Violence at the Gaza Border Continues

Hamas uses the threat of violence for extortion Read More »

A Battle of Wits between the Israel Security Agency (ISA) and Hamas

The capture of Hamas’ veteran terrorists in the West Bank worries the organization Read More »

Abbas Pays Gloomy Visit to Cairo as Hamas-Fatah Relations Deteriorate

Hamas cracks down on Fatah supporters in Gaza Read More »

Israel Will Pay the Price for Tensions between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas

Abbas’ sanctions on Gaza may lead Egypt to close the Rafah crossing from Sinai to Gaza Read More »

Tensions Increase on the Gaza Border

Is Hamas again changing the rules of the game? Read More »

Why Did Abbas Proclaim the Dissolution of PA Parliament?

Has the old PLO lost support? Read More »

Mahmoud Abbas’ Recent Meeting with King Abdullah of Jordan

Abbas sought Jordan’s support against Hamas Read More »

Is the Barghouti Family Joining Forces with Hamas?

Fatah activists may be changing disks and supporting terror attacks Read More »

Hamas Tries to Ignite the West Bank

Does Hamas coordinate with Hizbullah in Lebanon? Read More »

Will Hamas Challenge Fatah in the West Bank?

Hamas blocks PLO/Palestinian Authority political entry into Gaza Read More »

The Exposure of Israel’s Intelligence Collection in Gaza Actually Undermines Hamas

Hamas exposes the Israel Security Agency’s activities in Gaza Read More »

Palestinian Authority and Hamas Join Forces against U.S. at UN

Unprecedented UN General Assembly Resolution against Hamas on Thursday, December 6? Read More »

A “Joint Operations Room” in Gaza – the New Factor in the Balance of Power in Gaza

Hamas brings all Gaza terrorist organizations under its cloak Read More »

PLO Council Meeting in Ramallah – to Be or Not to Be

Abbas’ “swan song” touches on Hamas, the American peace plan, and Palestinian ambivalence Read More »

Hamas’ Double Message for Israel and Egypt

Hamas deceives by denying responsibility for the rocket attack on Israel Read More »