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Fatah Issues Threats against Egypt and Other Arab States

Fatah Issues Threats

The Palestinians have a habit of constantly threatening Israel, but it seems that Israel isn’t the only one being threatened. For example, on the official Facebook page of the Palestinian Authority, a blog post appeared criticizing Egypt because it prevented a solidarity mission from Europe that landed at Cairo Airport from continuing on to Gaza.1

Moreover, a senior Fatah official, Tawfik Tirawi, appeared to threaten Arab states if they failed to fund the Palestinian budget. On Dec. 20, 2013, he told Radio Palestine: “The Arabs don’t give money because they are not afraid of us. Arafat threatened Kuwait: ‘Whoever doesn’t help the Palestinian people, we will reach him in his bed.’ We ended their prolonged fear of us.”2

Perhaps there is someone who is upset from the Palestinian threats, but not Palestinian Facebook viewers. For example, here is how Palestinians see the reconciliation talks with Hamas:

Reconciliation-Comedy - Fatah Issues Threats against Egypt and Other Arab States

“Reconciliation-Comedy” – presented once ever two years, or according to mood – each time in a different country (Doha, Cairo).





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