100 Years Since the Balfour Declaration
February 28, 2017

Conference Program

100 Years since the Sykes-Picot Agreement:
Lessons for the Middle East
May 18, 2016

Conference Program

Europe and Israel: A New Paradigm
March 24, 2014

The Critical Need for Missile Defense for Israel’s National Security
January 23, 2014

UN Conference:
Incitement to Terror and Violence – New Challenges, New Responses
February 28, 2013

Hamas the Gaza War and Accountability under International Law
June 18, 2009


State-Sanctioned Incitement to Genocide:
What Can Be Done?
September 23, 2008

Israel at 60:
Confronting the Rising Challenge to Its Historical and Legal Rights
March 26, 2008


Israel’s Right to Secure Boundaries:
Four Decades since UN Security Resolution 242
June 4, 2007