Israel’s Right to Secure Boundaries: Four Decades Since UN Security Resolution 242

, June 4, 2007

Based on the proceedings of a conference held in Jerusalem, June 4, 2007


Preface– Dr. Lars Hansel

Introduction: Correcting the Record on Resolution 242 – Amb. Dore Gold

Contextualizing Resolution 242 – Amb. Meir Rosenne

Security Council Resolution 242: An Analysis of its Main Provisions – Prof. Ruth Lapidoth

The Territorial Clauses of Security Council Resolution 242 – Amb. Yehuda Blum

The Plight of the Refugees and Resolution 242 – Prof. Ruth Lapidoth

The Principles of Peacemaking – Amb. Richard Holbrooke

Appendix A – UN Security Council Resolution 242

Appendix B– Statements Clarifying the Meaning of UN Security Council Resolution 242

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