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The Paris Terrorist Attacks and Hamas’ Conspiracy Theory

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Hamas’ hatred for Israel knows no bounds. After the initial shock in France and expressions of hatred for Islam prompted by the terrorist attacks, Hamas’ Department for Refugee Affairs issued an announcement on January 12 accusing the Israeli government headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of planning the attacks in Paris and especially the attack at the “Jewish restaurant,” as the announcement calls it.

Hamas’ conspiracy theory is based on “historical proofs” cited in its announcement.

The announcement details the responsibility of Jewish organizations for planting explosive devices at the American Cultural Center in Baghdad on March 19, 1950, and for another incident in which, Hamas claims, Mordechai Ben Porat blew up a café in Baghdad on April 8, 1950, with four Jews were wounded in the explosion.

On this basis, the announcement asserts that the involvement of Israel and Netanyahu in the attacks in France, especially the one on the “Jewish restaurant,” was aimed at “exploiting this event to goad French Jewry to emigrate to Israel.”

The announcement claimed that Operation Protective Edge caused a cessation of Jewish immigration to Israel, and that Prime Minister Netanyahu is trying to create common cause with the countries of the Western world so that war will be waged on the Palestinian organizations that oppose the occupation.

French Jews arriving in Israel in 2014
French Jews arriving in Israel in 2014

Hamas’ announcement warns French Jewry against aliyah and says: “Every Jewish immigrant who agrees to immigrate to occupied Palestine will become a target of the Palestinian resistance, which, more than ever, is prepared to sweep away the occupation and liberate Palestine from the last imperialism of the 21st century.”

Hamas’ blatant mendacity reflects concern in the movement about the repercussions of the attacks in France on the Palestinian issue.

Hamas shares the Palestinian Authority’s concern that the process of vilification and isolation of Israel in Europe will come to a halt, and the Palestinian political success in the capitals of Europe will be stymied.

Sources in Hamas express apprehension that the global agenda will change and the war on radical Islamic terror will assume a high place on this agenda.

If so, European countries will presumably restore Hamas to the list of terrorist organizations, and the faltering rehabilitation of the Gaza Strip since Operation Protective Edge will presumably come to a halt because the donor countries will not want to strengthen Hamas rule in Gaza.

Turkey Echoes Hamas’ Conspiracy Theory

Hamas was joined in its distortions by non-governmental elements belonging to the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) in Turkey, which in turn is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood of which Hamas is an offshoot.

 The Kosher market in Paris where four Jews were killed - Paris Terrorist Attacks
The Kosher market in Paris where four Jews were killed

Ali Sahin, a member of the Turkish parliament and foreign affairs spokesman for the Justice and Development Party, asserted that “the murders in Paris were staged so that the blame for the attack would be laid at the door of the Muslims.”

The mayor of Ankara, Melih Gokcek, also a member of AKP, went all-out and charged the Israeli Mossad with responsibility for the attack on the building of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

In a speech he gave on January 12, as reported by the Turkish newspaper Milliyet, Gokcek said: “The aim of the Mossad in this attack and in the destruction of 50 mosques in Europe after the murder of the 12 workers at the newspaper was to intensify the hatred of Islam.”

The fabrication industry of the worldwide Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas gets into gear whenever large-scale terrorist attacks perpetrated by Muslim terrorists occur in the world, such as the 2001 attack on the Twin Towers in New York.

Then too, these organizations propagated the “conspiracy theory” claiming that the Jews and Israel were behind the attack and the Mossad took part in planning it.