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The Jewish Political Studies Review falls into three major divisions: Jewish political institutions and behavior, Jewish political thought, and Jewish public affairs. The JPSR welcomes articles on historic and contemporary phenomena within its range of interests reflecting the results of empirical research, the analysis of political ideas, normative and empirical theory, political behavior and studies.

Articles of standard journal length are invited, but there is no formal length limitation. All manuscripts should be double-spaced throughout, including extracts and reference notes, with ample margin space. Contributors should follow the specifications of the Chicago Manual of Style (University of Chicago Press) for capitalization, punctuation and endnotes. All Hebrew should be transliterated according to the system set forth by the Encyclopedia Judaica.

Send 4 copies of the manuscript to:

Mark Ami-El, Managing Editor
Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
13 Tel Hai Street
Jerusalem 92107
Books for Review should be sent to Dr. M. Benjamin Mollov at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

The Jerusalem Center also publishes the Jerusalem Letter/ Viewpoints.