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The Gaza War 2014: The Handbook on the Conflict


What Hamas Stands For:

The Hamas Charter – The Covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement

The jihadist and anti-Semitic Covenant that guides Hamas, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Myth of Moderate Hamas by Amb. Dore Gold

Despite speculation in the West that Hamas is moderating, in the Middle East there is no question of its militant nature.

The Hamas-Fatah Accord: A Legal Perspective by Amb. Alan Baker

Any unity accord between Fatah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad must fulfill the PLO’s Oslo commitments to combat and prohibit all forms of terror as well as the Quartet principles for recognition of Hamas.

The Hamas Threat to the West Is No Different from ISIS by Lt. Col. (ret.) Jonathan D. Halevi

Hamas and ISIS are twins operationally and ideologically

Hamas Strategy: Manipulate Human Rights Groups by Lt. Col. (ret.) Jonathan D. Halevi

Hamas, according to Prime Minister Haniyeh, relies on human rights organizations and Western left-wing groups to help the Palestinian people in the political, legal, and public affairs arenas.

The Psychological Asymmetry between Israel and Hamas by Irwin J. Mansdorf

The psychological asymmetry between legitimate and stable democracies and bands of fighters for whom ethical conduct and rules of war mean nothing that actually mediates what victory means. Gazans will hear the chorus of victory speeches from Hamas, then go back to nothing better, but much visibly worse.

Iran’s Role in the Gaza War:

Iran’s IRGC Quds Force Commander: “The Palestinian Resistance Movement Will Make the Sea, the Land, and Skies into Hell for the Zionists” by Lt. Col. (ret.) Michael Segall

Iran: The Regional Power behind the Hamas War Effort by Lt. Col. (ret.) Michael Segall

Iran provides Hamas with better, long range missiles used to fire at Israel and helps smuggles weapons and other illegal goods into Gaza.

The Father of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard’s Missile Program Is Firing at Tel Aviv by Lt. Col. (ret.) Michael Segall

Iran is attempting to fill the void of Arab support for Hamas by providing them aid.

Long-Range Iranian-Made Missiles Used by Hamas during “Operation Protective Edge” by Lt. Col. (ret.) Michael Segall

Iran plays a major role in the current conflict by providing sophisticated weaponry and training Hamas militants.

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Hamas Drone Injects New Element into Arab-Israeli Conflict by David Zucchino, Ralph Vartabedian (Los Angeles Times)

Experts say the drone Hamas sent over Israel was most probably provided by Iran and assembled in Gaza.

Iran’s Fingerprints all over Hamas-Israel Conflict by Sayeh Hassan (The Star – Canada)

One cannot comprehend the events of recent weeks without an adequate understanding of Iran’s role in Gaza. Hamas has long depended on the Iranian-Syrian axis for arms, training and funding.

Iran Celebrates Use of Rockets Supplied to Hamas by Adam Kredo  (The Free Beacon)

Iran’s role in Gaza includes manufacturing rockets, transferring weapons to Gaza, or providing Hamas with the material to manufacture their own rockets.Hamas Weaponry and Tactics:

Hamas Weaponry and Tactics:

Hamas’s Attack Tunnels: Analysis and Initial Implications by Lt. Col. (ret.) Jonathan D. Halevi

Hamas’s use of tunnel warfare and the threat it poses to Israel.

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Video — 3.5 Million Lives in Danger: the Growing Range of Hamas Rockets (IDF)

Hamas rockets and ranges.

Israel Says That Hamas Uses Civilian Shields, Reviving Debate by Anne Barnard and Jodi Rudoren  (New York Times)

Hamas uses schools, residential buildings, mosques and hospitals to fire rockets at Israeli civilians. Hamas uses innocent civilians as a human shield for terrorist activity.

Donkey Suicide Bomb Stopped by Israeli Troops in Gaza by Robert Tait (Telegraph – UK)

Anything, an animal or an international building, that can help make use of innocent people or international [citizens], they will use it. We see it time and again.

Israel-Hamas War

Hamas’ Psychological Military Strategies against Israel (by Irwin J. Mansdorf)

Hamas’s Attack Tunnels: Analysis and Initial Implications (by Lt. Col. (ret.) Jonathan D. Halevi)

Information on the different types of rockets used by Hamas.

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Israel’s Doctrine of Proportionality in Gaza (Los Angeles Times)

Five Reasons this Israel-Hamas War Is Different by Oren Dorell (USA Today)

The Israelis have been stunned at the number, magnitude and engineering complexity of this tunnel complex. Hamas is using guerrilla war tactics, anti-tank weapons and putting up a fight in civilian areas by placing Gaza residents in the line of fire.

Ambulances, Schools and Mosques: Hamas’ Top 10 Hiding Places That Are Frustrating Israel’s Fight Against Terror by Sharona Schwartz (The Blaze)

List the places and tactics Hamas uses to hide weapons.

Gaza and International Law:

VIDEO: Ambassador Alan Baker on the Problem of Palestinian Incitement to Violence

“Officially-sanctioned and encouraged incitement against Israel and against Jews, specifically the anti-Israel and anti-Semitic indoctrination that is so pervasive in all levels of Palestinian society, inevitably results in violence and terror against Israel and its citizens.”

See Also

Civilians as Human Shields? Gaza War Intensifies Debate by Anne Barnard and Jodi Rudoren (New York Times)

The complexities of the debate on Hamas’s use of human shields and the responsibilities of both sides in the context of international law.

Gaza and International Ramifications

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA): An Agenda for Conflict by Dr. Rephael Ban Ari

The educational services provided by UNRWA, particularly in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, propagate a non-peaceful point of view, upholding a political vision of a continued struggle against a delegitimized Israel.

Egypt, Israel and Hamas — the Impossible Equation by Col. (ret.) Dr. Jacques Neriah

It is in the national interest of both Egypt and Israel to subdue Hamas and strive for conditions for a permanent ceasefire.


Hamas soldiers
Hamas soldiers









On March 5, 2014, IDF forces intercepted an Iranian weapons shipment to Gaza terrorists.
On March 5, 2014, IDF forces intercepted
an Iranian weapons shipment to Gaza terrorists.





Hamas Rock range




Tunnels dug by Hamas from Gaza to Israeli communities





A Hamas terror tunnel in Gaza which the IDF uncovered
A Hamas terror tunnel in Gaza which the IDF uncovered


Hamas’ military indoctrination of children