What Readers Say About Daily Alert

Daily Alert was established in May 2002 by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (conferenceofpresidents.org), the roof organization for the 6-million strong Jewish community in North America. The material that appears Monday through Friday is carefully selected and crafted by a team of expert analysts at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (jcpa.org), who find the most important and timely articles from around the world on Israel, the Middle East and U.S. policy.

Daily Alert’s “added value” comes from the unique selection of articles and the preparation of excerpts by a network of recognized experts with extensive experience in military affairs, diplomacy, and law, who prepare a daily briefing for the Jewish community leadership and opinion-makers concerned with these issues.  Our readers have relied on us for years to save them many hours of on-line searching and reading, by providing in a distilled format the most important material in their fields of interest in a timely manner.


“The Daily Alert, a roundup of articles on Israel,  Iran, and radical Islam, is clearly in Israel’s corner. Those who prepare the Daily Alert, and presumably its many readers, care deeply whether Israel survives.  The Daily Alert is concerned with the Iranian nuclear program, Hamas’ military buildup in Gaza, Hizbullah’s continuing threat in the North, the actions of radical Islamists around the globe, and the calls for the destruction of Israel, America and the Jews that are repeatedly broadcast in mosques, and on the media, and in schools in the  Palestinian territories, and in Muslim countries around the world. The Daily Alert provides evidence each day that there are real threats from Islamic radicalism to Israel and to Jews and others in many countries.”    – Richard Baehr, American Thinker, May 10, 2007

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Here is a sample of unsolicited comments from our readers which explains how they view the Daily Alert:

“The July 15 edition was especially packed with great information, and I appreciate all the effort that goes into the update’s preparation.”    – D.W. …aol.com


“Amazing and useful info in today’s Daily Alert.”    – JR ….gmail.com


“We welcome the Daily Alert and are happy to pass selected issues on to UK communal leaders and others as appropriate.”    – WL…ntlworld.com


“Every Jewish household in America should be receiving the Daily Alert.”    – SB….aol.com


“Just to let you know that your coverage of the news is extraordinary. There is nothing else that can compare to it.”  – ML…acsz.org


“Thank you for these daily reports. And your good judgment as to which sources to use. You get an A+ for quality of your news and A+ for judgment. This is such a good way to keep us informed.”    – F…aol.com


“You are doing a great job! Well done and thanks.”    – RG…greenes.org


“I cannot tell you properly how much I enjoy receiving the Daily Alert. I usually circulate articles.”    – MS…zoomtown.com


“Thank you for your outstanding publication!”    – LH…aol.com


“This is the gold standard synopsis on Israel.”    – MS…msn.com


“I REALLY like the Daily Alert!!!”    – DA…aol.com


“This is likely the best and most comprehensive edition yet.”    – CF…gmail.com


“Thank you for this good daily service to Jewish leaders throughout the U.S.”    – RL…jou.ufl.edu


“My Daily Alert is the equivalent of my morning coffee and I start each day with it.”    – AB…pacificresearch.net


“This is really consistent, excellent, informative reading!”    – AF…comcast.net


“Yours is a first-rate information source. Thanks much!”     – SR…yahoo.com


“My day does not officially begin until after I have read the Daily Alert.”    – JS…aol.com


“Just wanted to let you know how very much appreciated the Daily Alert is. It is so thorough and well prepared and up-to-date.”    – GL…aol.com


“Excellent reporting. Keep up the good work.”    – ML…yahoo.com


“You and the staff of Daily Alert do magnificent work, by far the best of any source for news for people who love Israel.”   – JS…gmail.com


“I read the Daily Alert every day – it is an invaluable resource for all advocates for Israel.”    – KK…aol.com


“The Daily Alert is outstanding.”     – RK….xxxxcompanies.com


“The Daily Alert news service can help you sift through the morass, and select the highest quality and most valuable content. The Daily Alert is concise, reliable, and highly professional….Organizations on the front line of Israel advocacy have told us that the Daily Alert is easily their best single source of daily information.”   – BI…gmail.com


“You put out an invaluable summary, which is a ready-made tool for activism.”   – SB…aol.com


“Your Daily Alert is marvelous – I look forward to it each day.”    – NS…gmail.com


“Thanks for the excellent news source!”    – PM…msn.com


“Thank you very much for your insightful, succinct and politically accurate articles that I subscribe to and read every chance I get. You perform a great service to the Jewish community and I am very grateful for the work you do.”    – IM…hotmail.com


“Today’s issue is a treasure trove of information I wouldn’t have without your good work. I look forward to it every day.”    – JS….wowway.com


“I want to tell you how much I use your daily bulletins. They are of inestimable help in the work I do for Israel’s defense.”    – MF…googlemail.com


“Yours is still the only really easily readable e reports on Israel.”    – KB…aph.co.uk


“I find the Daily Alerts extremely informative and one of the best sources of information regarding Israel and the Middle East.”    – HS…cox.net


“The Daily Alert is magnificent. A great editing and reporting achievement.”    – JS…aol.com


“Many thanks and congratulations on your splendid, all-inclusive, daily postings.”    – MR…hotmail.com


“Daily Alert is a brilliantly edited digest of news about Israel.”    – BP…yahoo.com


“You perform a wonderful service professionally.”    – JS…aol.com


“I find the Daily Alert invaluable in keeping up with events in the Middle East as they affect Israel – thanks very much for your great efforts.”    – MD…xxxdqc.com


“I read Daily Alert first thing in the morning before I go to other news or communications.”    – AB…linkline.com


“You provide a great service in a form that is easy to read.”    – HS…aol.com


“Today’s Daily Alert was exceptionally fascinating and trenchant.”    – TK…aol.com


“Thank you for an outstanding job. I read it from cover to cover daily.”    –  MG…sbcglobal.net


“I now consider the Daily Alert a MUST read. Thank you for putting together a great publication.”    – SP…aetna.com


“Thank you for your always excellent and informative daily alerts.”    – EF…rcn.com


“Just wanted to thank you for sending these Daily Alerts. They are the most informative bulletins on Israel that I get, and I get several.”    – PL…rcn.com


“Daily Alert is the best mid-east news summary I know of.”    – RS…hotmail.com


“Yours is by far the best source for objective facts and news about Israel.”    – AR…aol.com


“Day after day, I thank you for this most important resource.”    – SB…ajc.org


“What a fantastic job you do on the Daily Alert. It’s a phenomenal resource.”    – SP… shalem.org.il


“The Daily Alert is a wonderful compendium of Israel-centered items and it’s the first thing I read each and every day.”    – LR…aol.com


“Thank you for these amazingly informative, up-to-the-minute updates. Thanks for all your hard work, devotion, and fabulous product.”    – IG…yahoo.com


“Please let me tell you what an extraordinary job you are doing and what an exceptional service you are providing with your Daily Alert. These daily summaries of news are so well-edited, to the point and comprehensive. I find your Daily Alert to be the perfect way to start each day.”    – DR…bethyeshurun.org


“Daily Alert is by far the most sophisticated, well referenced, user friendly news digest/letter of its sort.”    – AH…barak-online.net


“I love these daily updates. They are terrific and a great resource.”    – JM…yahoo.com


“These Daily Alerts are superb!!! Thanks. Keep them coming.”    – LL…rcn.com


“Your format is compellingly readable! Your information is beautifully written and essential.”    – VC…aol.com


“I always – every day – find your reports excellent, but today’s was particularly outstanding. The service you provide is invaluable.”    – TS…comcast.net


“Daily Alert is excellent and very helpful. The stories and editorials you select consistently deal with the most relevant issues. The Alert is one of the first things I turn to in the morning for information and insight on what may be the talk of the town that day. I’m better prepared because of them.”    – JS… U.S. Department of State


“While I follow a number of sources on Israel, yours is by far the best with the selection you offer and the excellent summaries you provide.”    – LR…aol.com


“The Daily Alert is an exceptional resource on which I’ve come to rely. It saves me so much time combing through the media.”    – AM….mmmholc.com


“Your Daily Alert is superb. I’m constantly amazed by your ability to cull the choicest nuggets from the formidable mass of material available. Your efforts have proven invaluable to me in my work.”    – JR…bezeqint.net