Dr. Joel Fishman

Joel Fishman received his doctorate in modern European history from Columbia University in the City of New York. He received a post-doctoral fellowship at the Netherlands State Institute for War Documentation where he carried out pioneering work on the postwar era in the Netherlands. More recently, he has published on political warfare, incitement to hatred and violence, and political anti-Zionism. Fishman is a Fellow of the Jerusalem Center of Public Affairs and editor of the Jewish Political Studies Review.

Publications by Dr. Joel Fishman

Chaim Weizmann and the Balfour Declaration: “A Unique Act of World Moral Conscience”

Weizmann called Balfour Declaration “the righting of a historical wrong,” and an “act of justice.” Read More »

The Historical Problem of Haj Amin al-Husseini, “Grand Mufti” of Jerusalem

The issue of the Mufti’s historical responsibility became a subject of controversy when Benjamin Netanyahu mistakenly argued that Husseini “was one of the leading architects of the Final Solution,” Read More »

The Postwar Career of Nazi Ideologue Johann von Leers, aka Omar Amin, the “First Ranking German” in Nasser’s Egypt

Abstract Johann von Leers, aka Omar Amin (1902-1965), was one of the foremost antisemitic propagandists of the Third Reich. He hated Jews and Judaism, as well as Christianity, which he regarded as a Jewish sect. As a young man, he […] Read More »

Message from the Editor:
Ten Years since the Disengagement from Gaza

The disengagement from Gaza in 2005 requires thorough study and national introspection. Read More »

Investigating the Role of Palestinians and Arabs in the Holocaust

The claim that Palestinians and Arabs had nothing to do with the Holocaust is false. Read More »

Message from the Editor

The current issue of the Jewish Political Studies Review contains six articles that deal with the Jewish people in the world, as communities abroad, and as the sovereign nation-state of Israel. Read More »

The Jewish Nation-State Bill: Is There a Contradiction between  Judaism and Democracy?

One of the reasons for the breakup of the Netanyahu government in December 2014 was a serious disagreement concerning the “Law of the Nation,” otherwise known as the Jewish Nation-State Bill. Read More »

Message from the Editor JPSR

Message from the Editor Tikkun Olam is the subject of the present issue of JPSR. What we understand by this term can at the same time be clear and elusive. While it originated in the Talmudic period, the concept of […] Read More »

Message from the Editor

Message from the Editor Read More »

Building the Positive Peace: The Urgent Need to Bring the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Back to Basics

It is generally accepted that the peace process, launched in 1993, went off the tracks and failed to meet the expectations of the interested parties: the state of Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and the international community Read More »

Palestinian Incitement and Peace: An Insurmountable Incompatibility

Ten Years Since Oslo: The PLO’s “Peoples War” Strategy and Israel’s Inadequate Response

Israel and the PLO have been confronting each other according to completely different paradigms of conflict. Since the late 1960s, the PLO has adopted a "people’s war" paradigm that continued to guide its policies even after the signing of the 1993 Oslo Accords. Read More »

Failure of Perception and Self-Deception: Israel’s Quest for Peace in the Context of Related Historical Cases

An examination of the historical record reveals many examples of failures of perception, and of leaders and governments refusing to integrate compelling information of existential importance. Taking account of new information and responding to changing circumstances is vital to man’s relationship with his environment. When a dysfunction in the process of absorbing important new knowledge and correcting mistakes occurs, the faculty of rational judgment may be fatefully impaired. Read More »